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This site is devoted to the development of compound archery in Ukraine.
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Dear web visitor,

If you came across this website studying the world of archery, we are asking you to accept the following alarming information:

Year after year archery in Ukraine is being pressed by officials and corrupted politicians. The last ten-year statistic data point to the major archery groups and clubs` reduction. The Ukraine team succeeds not due to the efforts of the government, but only due to the selfless labor of the sportsmen and their coaches.

Ironically, those businessmen interested in developing of compound archery in Ukraine collide with officials’ lawlessness. We have been trying to found a compound archery club in our region for seven years, but the city authorities did their best to sell and destroy the stadium territories.  As soon as it concerns sports club land allotment, we are refused. Though, petrol stations, supermarkets, commercial dwellings spring up all over.

We possess the means to create the archery club; however we cannot afford two hectors to purchase from our authorities at nowadays prices.

Everyone who wants to help in purchasing the land, we are asking to send us your donation. The total amount necessary - ~1 million dollars.

Sincerely yours,

Dmitry Skvortsov

Manager of Sagitarius Ltd.

 12/12, Rishelievskaya Str, Odessa, Ukaine, 65026





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